“In the County Commissioner’s office, I work every day to reduce bureaucratic wastefulness, improve public safety, make our roads safer, and ensure that tax dollars are spent with the utmost respect for those who pay them.”

Lon Shell

Hays County Commissioner Lon Shell


Lon Shell is a local small business owner and was appointed Hays County Commissioner for Precinct Three in October 2017. Prior to his appointment as commissioner, Lon served as Hays County’s Chief of Staff for seven years, where he worked closely with previous Commissioner Will Conley to coordinate major county projects throughout the precinct, including disaster recovery in the wake of devastating flood events in recent years.

As Chief of Staff, Lon put his business background to work for Hays County, spearheading efforts to pass conservative budgets and adopt the county’s lowest tax rate in over 20 years. He also led the effort to develop and pass a tax freeze for senior citizens and improve countywide emergency communications. Learn more about Lon.

Hays County Precinct 3 Residents: It is a great privilege to represent you as your County Commissioner. When I began working for you almost 8 years ago as the County’s Chief of Staff, I had no idea that serving you would become the greatest experience of my life. I am grateful every day for this opportunity, and I will always do my best to never let you down. I grew up in San Marcos and when I left home for college, I probably did not expect to ever be able to move back to Hays County. I thought I would most likely use my Mechanical Engineering Degree working on exciting projects while living in large cities. When my wife and I had the opportunity to return home over 12 years ago, we did so because we thought this would be the best place to start our family. My parents still live on our family’s farm and many of my great childhood friends have chosen to remain in Hays County for the same reasons that inspired me to return. I returned home because I truly believe we live in a special place. We are able to experience the beauty of the Hill Country, while also enjoying an exceptional quality of life in a safe community. We are not only blessed with natural resources like our rivers and creeks, but we are also blessed to share our home with amazing people, that regardless of their backgrounds, all agree we live in a place worth protecting. For these reasons Hays County is one of the fastest growing counties in our state and country. To ensure Hays County remains such a special place, we must maintain a balance between preserving our Hays County values and protecting our way of life with the demands placed on us by those that want to move here and also make Hays County home. I am a fairly technical person. For any of you that have heard me speak in public, I am sure you would agree that I would be better suited using my engineering degree behind a desk somewhere, than continuing in any political position that requires public speaking. I doubt anyone will ever refer to me as a politician and though I will always try to improve, I doubt I will ever be considered a dynamic communicator. I will, however, continue to use the problem solving skills that I have, to ensure we are able to face each and every challenge that comes our way. I have taken my responsibilities as your Commissioner very seriously because representing you is personal to me. You may be an old friend or a new friend. You may be a member of my family or someone that I have never met. We may be alike, or we may be at opposite ends of any number of spectrums. However, regardless of our personal relationship, I work for you. During this campaign season I have often been asked why I want to continue to represent Hays County as your Commissioner. Though I have many answers to this question, the simplest response is that I want my 10 year old daughter, Katheleen, to be able to do what I have done. I want her to have an amazing childhood, make lifelong friends, have the opportunity to go off to college, experience new places, and work through life’s challenges. I then want her to think of Hays County and want to return home to raise her family. For Hays County to remain this special place that our children and grandchildren will be proud to call home, we must work together. I believe we have accomplished a great deal, however there is work to be done, and I want to continue to work for you. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity. I would appreciate your support and your vote, so that I can remain your County Commissioner. Sincerely, Lon A. Shell Hays County Commissioner, Precinct 3